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Recent Publications:

“Grappling with ‘Living Systems’: Brining Together Insights From Complexity and Political Economy Analysis”, with Leni Wild. Working Paper, Overseas Development Institute (ODI). London: England (Forthcoming 2014)

“The Impact of Global Demographic Change on the International Security Environment.” In Conflict Management and Global Governance in an Age of Awakening.  Eds. Chester A. Crocker, Fen Osler Hampson, and Pamela Aall,  U.S. Institute for Peace “International Security Series.” (Forthcoming, 2014).

“The State as a Complex Adaptive System.” In International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences. 2nd ed. Amsterdam: Elsevier, (Forthcoming 2014).

“Korean Political and Economic Development: Crisis, Security, and Institutional Rebalancing”, Jongryn Mo and Barry Weingast. Review written in the Journal of Economic Literature, Vol. LII, p. 557-559, June 2014.

“Dynamics at Work in Global Society: an Interview with Hilton Root”, The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs. Medford: Massachusetts, March 2014.

“After Liberalism: Complexity in the Governance of a Networked Global Society.” In World Financial Review. London: United Kingdom, March 2014.

“Turkey and the West: Bargaining for Realignment.” Journal of Contemporary European Studies. Vol. 21. No. 2 . 218-251. Taylor & Francis, 2013.

“Moving On Up: Turkey is Now a Solidly Middle-Income State. But There Are Still Plenty of Roadblocks on the Path Ahead.” Foreign Policy. (December 21, 2012).

“Turkey: An Unsteady Colossus Astride the Bosphorus.” Prosperity In Depth: Twelve Country Studies. The 2012 Lagatum Index Ranking Turkey 89/142. Global Transitions, Prosperity Studies, ed. Peter Passell. London: Legatum Institute. (October 2012).

“The Policy Conundrum of Financial Market Complexity.” In Research Handbook on Banking and Governance. Eds. James R. Barth, Clas Wihlborg, and Chen Lin, 360-377. Northamption: Edward Elgar Publishing (2012).

“Intergovernmental Finance: Post 18th Amendment and the 7th NFC Award.” Enhancing Government Effectiveness (EGE). Islamabad and Washington, D.C.: USAID and the U.S. State Department. (May 2011).


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